Digital Marketing: A brief
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Digital Marketing: A Brief

Digital Marketing: A Brief

Digital Marketing: A brief. People are online for a number of reasons; be it searching for a job, a place to rent, a gift to buy, a service to order, etc. So it makes sense to take your marketing efforts online as well. Marketing has always been about connecting with potential customers to boost your sales and digital marketing is no different. The only major difference with digital marketing is that we are required to stay updated with the current and future strategies. In this article, we explain certain basic strategies to help you get going.

  1. SEO

Unless you’re living under a rock, you should have heard about SEO. Anyway, let us explain SEO is search engine optimization that helps your website to rank among the top searches by making certain changes to your website.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is two-fold but the gist of it is to promote marketing efforts using content commodities such as blog posts and articles on your website that will direct customers to your website when they search for specific keywords that you have included within the article.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is among the most popular reasons why people are online. Having a great facebook page or Instagram handle can make all the difference. For starters it drives a lot of traffic to your page or handle and secondly you can utilise it as a place to connect with similar companies and tap into their customer base through coordinated efforts.

  1. Ads

A number of top search engines and social media platforms run ads that can be bought for a reasonable price. Unlike real-world marketing where you can’t always target a specific section; social media marketing gives you the flexibility to run target specific ads that bring in the kind of customers you are looking for.

  1. Email Marketing

The finest example of email marketing is Hotmail, and we suggest that you look into the case study done around Hotmail’s email marketing strategy. A lot of people have their email ids synced to their phones; meaning your promotional email will most likely be read as long as it catches the eye of the viewer.

The essential component of digital marketing is to adapt and speak to the user.

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